Thursday, December 6, 2007

Weekly Update of the Week

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The Daily Item of the Week
This Week is The Princess Bride: Dread Pirate Edition on DVD.
(Hey, I just realized... I managed to add both Pirate and Ninja related material to my site today.)

The Princess Bride is one of My Favorite Movies, and has been mentioned in several different posts on this blog. I own it on VHS Cassette, and my copy is still in pretty good shape, but my VCR isn't, and one of these days I am going to have to replace my tape with a DVD version, of which there are FIVE. The Original, the Special Edition, the Dread Pirate and Buttercup Editions, and the even more recent 20th Anniversary Edition.

I poked around this morning through customer reviews and comments to find that the Dread Pirate/Buttercup Version is widely regarded as the one with the most awesome "Special Features" lineup. (These two "versions" differ only in packaging, sporting a masculine or feminine cover depending on your preference. If you like pink, then go ahead and get the Buttercup Edition. Just use the above link to do it, please.)

The "20th Anniversary" edition has an awesome cover, but apparently not much new behind it. Which is a shame, because the cover is really awesome.

A billion "Thank You"s to whoever used my new link when they bought a $50 book this week. You literally made me Shout with Joy when I fired up my Stats Page this morning. Give me about 1000 more readers like you, and I may be able to quit one of my two other jobs!


Art said...

Good luck with the retirement plan;)

Seriously, though, I love The Princess Bride too. That is a great movie.

Chesman said...

Sorry, I'm a little behind in posting this, but I just wanted you to know that I have a couple extra copies of Princess on DVD. Its just the plain old Special Edition (no Ultra-Mega-20th-25th-50th Anniversary Deluxe editions here), it has the movie with a cool little making-of feature.
What's the reason I have so many extra copies? you ask. Well both Sara and I have told people that TPB is one of our all-time favorite movies. Thinking, hmmm I bet they don't have their all-time favorite movie at home, various friends and relatives have given it to us as a gift.
To (finally) get to the point if you want it I will send you one of my extra copies. Just let me know.

Frank Gibson said...

That's Ok Chesman, I am even later in replying to you... You can always send me unwanted "Princess Bride DVD's regardless of what edition they are.

And in exchange you may be the first recipient of a High Quality, Personally Autographed, Photo of ME!