Monday, December 3, 2007

Do You Like To Buy Things?

Well, If you do, then is a great place to buy them from. Ordering stuff from them is cheap, and convenient, and if you live, like me, far away from pretty much everything, then it can be really good for the environment, too, because the goods effectively "carpool" in the big delivery van. (Just hope your package isn't Dagwood Bumstead, who is always late for the carpool.)

Anyway... if you are going to buy some stuff in the near future (and at this time of year I can't imagine why you would), and if you decide to buy it from Amazon (Who really are quite inexpensive and convenient, did I mention that?), then please use This Link to start your shopping. Then a portion of the proceeds from your purchase(s) will be donated to the left-handed, red-headed blog author of your choice. As long as he is the author of this blog. It is a very worthy cause, that I am very personally involved with.

I currently have the first installment of David B. Coe's "Blood of the Southlands" series on pre-order from Amazon. I think it will be pretty good. But don't take MY word for it...

Take Lavar Burton's!

Actually... Do take my word for it! Because I will be putting a new item up over in the sidebar, which I am calling "The Daily Item of the ...Week." Each week, when I update the Poll, the Tagline, and the "About Me", I will be adding a new recommended item that I am giving the soon-to-be-coveted, Daily Blog of the Day "Seal of Approval" Seal. (Yes, yes, I know, I know... It's redundant and repetitive, it is.)

The first such item is already up. Want to know what it is? Well I'm not gonna tell you; you can darn well go look!

Also, do you know of a product that I should recommend? Send me an e-mail if there is a product you would like to see shamelessly plugged fairly and honestly reviewed in this space.


Valorie said...

You should've posted this earlier. I just finished all of my shopping yesterday and guess where I did my

Frank Gibson said...

Drat! Foiled Again! Oh well, I guess I will just have go back to selling drugs and telemarketing to make my money.