Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Movie Tuesday - My Favorites

I didn't really watch any movies this week, so I can't report on any. I figure I will use the space today to list some of my favorite movies of all time, in no particular order.

The Shawshank Redemption - I got to re-watch a large portion of this movie on my Texan Vacation. I knew it was a classic, but had forgotten why. it is terrific. Tim Robbins is wonderful, the supporting cast is wonderful, this script is gritty enough to make you cringe but not realistic enough to send you running away screaming, and best of all, in my book, the Ending is perfectly executed.

The Princess Bride - This movie occupies a special place in my heart. It is intentionally cheesy, cleverly written, perfectly paced, and highly, highly quotable (at least by nerds like me). Cary Elwes has been in several other memorable roles, but to me, he will always be Westley/the Dread Pirate Roberts to me.

The Green Mile - From the same folks that brought you the Shawshank Redemption, an equally thoughtful, equally gritty, look at a different prison from a different angle. This one, however, throws in an odd supernatural element. Part of this movie was filmed at College Grove United Methodist Church, where my Dad is currently the pastor.

The Jungle Book (live action version) - Much of this movie was filmed at Fall Creek Falls, where my family used to go at least once a Summer when we lived in McMinnville, TN. Add a few tropical plants, and some monkeys, and the Tennesseean woods becomes the Indian Jungle! I really liked the way they blended the animal sounds into Mowgli's speech. Also, this movie stars Cary "Dread Pirate Westley" Elwes as the villain.

John Q. - One of the only movies to ever make me cry. Nuff Said.

I Am Sam - The Other Movie that made me cry.

Twister - I saw this movie in the Theater at least six times. Looking back, I have no Idea why. The movie's special effects were good for its time, but the ending bugged me even at the time. I think the giant crush I had on Helen Hunt probably had something to do with it. Also, this movie stars Cary "Dread Pirate Westley" Elwes as the villain.

Mystery Men - This movie is about as awesome as a movie can get. Superhero Comedies are really few and far between, and until they make "The Tick" into a Major Motion Picture, This will probably top the Genre. Mr Furious reminded me of one or two people I know, and the fate of Greg Kinnear's "Captain Amazing", nearly unprecedented in film, is the best part of the movie.

Batman Begins - I have mentioned in other places on this site the fact that I think Christopher Nolan and M. Knight Shyamalan are the two best directors in the universe. And of course, when one of the best directors on earth (Nolan) takes on one of the best characters on earth (Batman), then you get movie magic. Can't wait for the Sequel.

Unbreakable - This one was not so loved by the masses, mostly because it came right on the heels of "The Sixth Sense", but I thought that this movie was the movie that I would have made If I made movies. I like all of Shyamalan's films, and there is no doubt that "The Sixth Sense" is still his best, but my predilection for superheroes made me like "Unbreakable" more than most.

The Negotiator - Samuel L. Jackson vs. Kevin Spacey with a supporting cast of the highest quality character actors around. I need to see this one again, because I don't remember enough about it, but I do remember that I really loved it.

Office Space - A piece of modern day satire so scathingly honest you have to laugh tokeep form crying. This film has contributed a whole load of catchphrases and cliches into the modern vocabulary. As a matter of fact, I have made reference to this movie twice in my last few posts! ("a case of the Mondays", "pieces of flair")

Napoleon Dynamite - As frequently quoted as Office Space, but tackling High School and Family, rather than the Workplace.

Howard The Duck - Just kidding... Just making sure you were still paying attention. I did actually see this one in the theater, way back when I was a young kid in Nashville.

The Game - Creepy, Creepy, Movie. You leave the theater halfway relieved, halfway wanting to hurt somebody. Guaranteed to mess with you.

A River Runs Through It - this is another one like "The Negotiator" that I should see again, because I don't remember enough about it, But I remember thinking that it was pretty much a masterpiece of a movie.

Fight Club - I'm not allowed to talk about Fight Club. It's Rule number one. Oops, I may already have said too much!

The One - The most unique plot ever in a Sci-fi Film. Cool stunts/effects, nifty ending.

The Matrix - The second most unique plot ever in a Sci-fi Film. Even Cooler Effects. Too bad about the sequels, though.

The Opposite of Sex - A terrific movie with a great cast of characters, narrated by the greatest one of all.

The Lord Of The Rings trilogy - How could I not include the movie franchise on which I have spent more hours and money than any other? I have a resin-cast staue of Gollum and Minas Tirith in my house. Peter Jackson now has an amazing reputation, only very slightly tarnished by putting Jack Black and face eating slugs in King Kong.

Well, that is all for this week, Beloved Readers... Join Me next Tuesday for a fun-packed, info-cational review or two.


Jeremy Gibson said...

The Green Mile holds the title of "only movie to make Jeremy cry".

Frank Gibson said...

Wow, really? I learned something new!
But have you seen "I Am Sam" or "John Q."? Cause they might do it, too.