Friday, December 7, 2007

My Town's 1.21 Gigawatt Christmas

Today was the last day for the City Employees to get the last of the tacky overkill festive decorations up before tomorrow's (now appropriately held in December) Christmas Parade. I have never been out to see the Christmas Parade in the 4 (is it 4 already?) years I have lived up here, but I have heard it from my house, because it is just as LOUD as the Independence Day Parade.

Anyway, the lights (some of which can be seen dangling out of the truck's "bucket" in the above picture), are all up as of this post, and I should be able to get some pictures to prove just how bad it is by tomorrow. I will be at the parade tomorrow, and the boss (My lovely wife) tells me that I will be in charge of selling hot chocolate while she helps wrangle children and livestock (yes, I said livestock) who are in the parade. I'm glad the boss gave me the easy job.

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