Thursday, December 6, 2007

If You Saw a Guy Dressed as a Ninja Yesterday...

...Then that guy was not a ninja.

If you didn't see a guy dressed as a ninja yesterday, then that guy was a ninja, and it's a good thing he wasn't after you. If he had been after you, you would be dead now. After all, you didn't see him coming, now did you?

Some of you readers may have been under the assumption that I let "The Day of the Ninja" pass by uncelebrated on this blog. On the contrary, I featured a special Guest Blogger yesterday. In a The Daily Blog of the Day Exclusive, yesterday's post was written by an actual ninja, about the secret lives of ninja. (<--That's plural "ninja", not singular "ninja". They can be hard to tell apart.) there are also 2 pirates
Unfortunately, ninja are very good at being undetected and leaving no trace behind, and so most of my readers probably didn't notice the post. I didn't notice it myself until I received a note from the ninja, informing me that "The Deal was Done."

The note was written on the shaft of a black arrow vibrating in the doorjamb about three inches from the left side of my head. I pulled out my wallet to try to ask him how he wanted to be paid, but then I realized he had already taken my wallet. Man, he's good!

Anyway, I went back and looked, and sure enough, there was his post on The Secret of the Ninja. Let me know what you think.

Also check out The Onion's coverage of the Ninja Parade.

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