Sunday, December 2, 2007

New And Improved!

My post on Drought's Silver Lining has been updated with photos and TDBotD's First ever interactive map! I am not sure which version will be showing up in Feed Readers and inboxes, but if you don't see pictures and maps and bells and whistles, then make sure you "click through" to the original post. This is quite likely the most involved piece of bloggetry I have yet attempted, and it would be a shame to have worked so hard on it to have everyone only get the preliminary version.

Supersecret "easter egg" - If you click the words "drought related photos" in the aforementioned post, you will be taken to my flickr account page with those photos. No big surprise there. but if you click the photo above those words, then you will be linked to a slideshow of those same pictures. But that's a super-secret trick, so don't tell anyone, OK?

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