Saturday, July 28, 2007


I want the Daily Blog of the Day to be a friendly, welcoming site for my readers. I want everybody out there to feel at home here, and not alienated by fancy jargon or confusing initials or acronyms. (Initials and Acronyms are not the same thing, BTW. Acronyms are pronounced as a word, rather than individual letters. and BTW stands for By The Way, BTW.)

So this post will be my Compendium of Initials, Acronyms, and Other Internet Jargon, or CIAOIJ for short. (that's pronounced "Chowage".... I think....)

So WFA (Without Further Ado), here are the Initials I have used, or am likely to use, in this blog.

BTW - By The Way
CIAOIJ - Compendium of Initials, Acronyms, and Other Internet Jargon
DSPN - (the) Daily (blog of the day) Sports Programming Network
FYI - For Your Information
PoTUS - President of These United States. (pronounced "Potus")
RIYL - Recommended If You Like
TDBotD - The Daily Blog of the Day (Pronounced "Tee-Dee-Bot-Dee" or "Tedebee of the Dee")
TAMWMNBN - The Australian Marsupial Who Must Not Be Named
WFA - Without Further Ado

LOL - Laughing Out Loud.
If I am actually laughing out loud, while I type, then probably Batman needs to come and kick my butt. Rest assured that if I start laughing out loud at any point during the composition of a blog post, then I will stop typing until I recover, at which point it would be a lie to type that I am laughing out loud. Besides, I'm not THAT funny.

ROTFLMAO or just LMAO - Rolling on the Floor Laughing My Arse Off, or just "Laughing My Arse Off.
I have once of twice in my entire life ever actually fallen to the floor in laughter, and even then I didn't actually roll there. Rest assured that if I ever find anything that freaking funny, I will share it with you using whole words rather than initials.

Blogosphere - The combined millions of words churned out by thousands upon thousands of internet-enabled bloggers, who tend to get their Ideas from one another, thus creating a gigantic, world-spanning "rumor mill" where reputations can be made or destroyed in a relatively short time. Occasionally the Blogosphere is aware of things before Themedia is.

Pwned - (pronounced "pyoond", rhymes with "mooned") Originated when someone who meant to type the word "owned" missed a key. The resulting quasi- word was used in competitive online gaming to mean "dominated, destroyed, or made a fool of" as in John thought he was a pretty good bowler, until he went to the lanes with me and got pwned! --also occasionally seen as "pwnt"

(No Matter What Anybody Else Tells You!)

Bloggetry - The Greater Artform of which a particular Blog is an example. What "Cinema" is to a Movie, and What "Literature" is to a Novel, "Bloggetry" is to a Blog.

F'rinstance - An Example ; contraction of "For Instance", as in: "You say he's been getting in trouble lately... Can you give me a F'rinstance?"

- Overly Masculine in a way that appeals to Men. Like Sports Channels, F'rinstance.

As other Words, Initials, or Acronyms come up I will add them here. Did I forget any? Send me a line at and let me know!

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