Saturday, December 1, 2007

Drought's Silver Lining

Your town might be full of rednecks if...

My Wonderful City, which has been getting a lot of national press for being drought-stricken, has been in panic mode to get the ample supply of water from our untapped lakes into our "tapped out" municipal reservoir. The resulting blight on the landscape is one of the mostest hillbilly-est sights I ever did see. Our town's water supply is being partially provided by what's essentially a great big "hosepipe" running across a cowfield.

Above ground, it is vulnerable to everything from a deep freeze to a cow tripping over it. (I've never seen a cow trip over something, but I hope to before I die.) I hope that there are long term plans to dig a trench of some sort, or perhaps re-route the line into some existing pipework, or something, but then again, if our city made long term plans, we wouldn't be in a severe water crisis at all!

Here is a map I made showing the route the new emergency water lines are taking. You will have to hit the "zoom in" button about four or five times to see anything.

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Monteagle's New "Hillbilly Hosepipe".

The City Workers were so busy laying our new pipe, that they hadn't had time to put up our city's perennial Hideous Thanksmas Decorations. The Hillbilly Hosepipe has kept The Hillbilly Illuminated Lawn Art from being put up on schedule. "On Schedule" in this case, being of course, Mid-November. Because of this terrible delay, the Christmas Parade has been pushed back until December! Oh, The Humanity!! Say it ain't so!! We have to wait until the first weekend of December to have our Christmas Parade? Christmas will already be practically over by then!

If you hadn't noticed I am not a huge fan of Monteagle's Civic Lawn Art, so I am chalking this up as the silver lining to the dark cloud of drought. Or lack of dark clouds of drought, as it were. It's the silver lining that would be on the clouds if we had clouds.... er...

You know what I mean!


Anonymous said...

Monteagle's Christmas Parade was actually postponed from December 1 to December 8. And yeah, those decorations are corny.

Anonymous said...

We wuz a-thanking 'bout brangin' warter jugs up the mountin' nex' tahm we cum