Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Reader Responses and Wrong Numbers

Well, I have had plenty of responses from readers, Most of which have been in response to my short, pithy question about eating half an apple. I just tacked that thought onto the end of my ramblings about Google and my new text editor, and didn't expect all the response.

Dr. GoranThe Intended-as-Rhetorical Question was this: "If An Apple A Day keeps the Doctor away, Then what happens if you just  eat half an apple?" I then answered my own question, but you, good readers, had even better answers.

First, "Pottery Lady" informed me that half an apple a day would lead to half as much doctor time. She also reminded me that I don't know my right from my left.

Then Liz answered, probably all hopped up on Red Bull, because she gave a wordy and random answer worthy of admiration. I had to look up who in the world Goran Mxyzptlk was though, and it turns out he's the hunky guy over on the left. (see above paragraph re:right/left)

My Dad also chimed in, although via e-mail, and I had to share it. He informed me that an apple a day will keep just about anybody away, as long as you throw it right!

He also thought my newfound use of Strikeout (or in CSS, "line-through") reminded him of Kevin Nealon's "Mr. Subliminal" character. He may have a point there (totally wrong), because I have often thought that myself. (full of crap) Not that I can hold a candle to the writers over at SNL (hacks), but, then again, I do this in my spare time (send cash), so you get what you pay for. (lots of cash)

Before I leave you and go to sleep, I have a few Search Engine Wrong Numbers to relay.

It has been quite a while since I have had any good ones, but I got a few now. One person looked on Ask.com (in which you are encouraged to actually type in a question, rather than just keywords or search terms) for "Where can I buy Corkpops?" This person was probably not impressed with my ranking of the corkpops pressurized cork removal device as one of the lamest products ever, and a thing you should never buy.

And file this one under "Should have seen this coming": Just a day after putting up a post entitled (rather misleadingly) "If You Have Syphilis", a Seeker of Knowledge found my site by looking up "How to know if you have syphilis". And that, genteel readers is, I Promise, the last time you will see reference to that particular venereal disease on this blog. Scout's Honor. There are other blogs out there that can write about VD every day for all I care, but after typing the word twenty times, in every conceivable spelling, I feel like I need to go take a scalding shower for about Forty minutes. And I can't because we're still in a Drought.

See you round Blogophiles, and remember: Only You Can Prevent Talking Bears Stealing Hats From Park Rangers.

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Liz said...


I am so honoured and tickled that my response waranted a picture in te next post : D (Incidentally, that's a good picture and I may have to steal it...) Also, I realised that I spelled his name wrong shortly after I posted. I put too many "i"s in it - an easy mistake to make, given that the j is pronounced like an i or a y.

And I never drink red bull - it tastes like cough syrup. It's just an old fashioned case of "Liz Talks Too Much" : D