Saturday, November 17, 2007

So, Frank, How Was Lunch?

It was good. Or, rather it is good, because I am still eating it. I went and got some pizza from Crust, the Restaurant where I work on the weekends. It was really my only option, as I forgot my wallet, and that was the only restaurant that owed me money. (my tips, from last night.)

So I snatched pizza and I am back in Blogging action. We will start with a reader request to see my new awesome bumper-sticker in its new place of honor - on my scooter. I affixed it last night, in the dark, in 33-degree temperatures. (After riding my scooter through those same temperatures, I might add.) For a better view of the sticker itself, click here.

*** Breaking news*** this blog was interrupted (seems like they all are interrupted by something) by one of our youngest "airport bums", the adorable Pete. Pete was eager to show off his Halloween costume (which he is, for some reason, still carrying around in his backpack on November 17th.) He was Mr. Incredible for Halloween, and in an effort to relive the experience, he donned his costume while I continued typing.

When I asked him about being "Dash" from The Incredibles instead, so he could run around really fast, he informed me that he couldn't run as fast as Dash. I agreed that, No, without superpowers he could not run as fast as a superhero, and his face lit up, and this is what he said:
"I... I.. I Got some Powers, cause I drank some Powerade!"

File that under "Darndest Things". I told Pete that I was unaware of Powerade giving people special powers, and asked him the next question that, quite logically popped into my mind.

"If you get Powers from drinking Powerade, then what do you get if you drink Gatorade?"
Pete did not know, but soldiered on, giving me more, (unsolicited) information about The Incredibles.

Now, I find that not only did I not grab my wallet this morning, but I also did not grab my Card Reader, which I need to get pictures from my phone (where you can't see them,boo!) to the internet (where you can, Yay!) So now I have to go get that, and Post-A-Palooza grinds to a halt once more.

As they say on the internet... hey, wait - this is the internet!

As they say here, on the internet, BRB. (That is for people too lazy to type "Be Right Back", although if you have to type out an explanation of what it means, then it doesn't really help much.)

OK, I'm back Pictures and video are up, enjoy!

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Yay, sticker!