Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Coolest. Sticker. Ever.

I have been searching, ever since I bought my scooter, for bumper stickers worthy of adorning it. Finally, my search has turned up the best sticker ever. Andre The Giant, as Fezzick from The Princess Bride, with the caption, "Anybody Want A Peanut?"
I found it at Hot Topic, which worries me, because the last "really super-original" thing I bought at Hot Topic was my Napoleon Dynamite "Vote For Pedro" shirt, which, within 3 months, was being worn by EVERYONE!

1 comment:

Liz said...

that is deffinately the best sticker ever! It deffinately needs to be on your scooter, and you deffinately need to post a picture of it : D

Go ahead and do it - even if you see someone else with one, you can say you were the first! (Like wit your shirt.)

A good bumpersticker is ard to find - aside from my sewanee stickers, I now have a cool one that says "Use the Force." But it's peeling. I don't tink it's actually s'posed to be a bumper sticker.