Monday, October 29, 2007

So, How's That Home Remodel Coming Along?

Slowly but surely.

My In-laws keep coming down, every weekend, to chip away at fixing up our fixer-upper. Drywalling the kitchen has been their main project, and it has, so far consumed three weekends and 8 sheets of Drywall. Apparently the supplies were paid for courtesy of my Grand-In-Laws, so it seems that extreme generosity runs pretty far up the Carter family tree. Only one sheet of wallboard more is needed to complete the kitchen ceiling, and with a few more applications of Tape, "Mud", and Paint, we will have a beautiful, steeply vaulted ceiling with some old, rough-sawn, oaken rafters exposed beneath it. I will try to have some Before, During, and Further During pictures up pretty soon. If I don't take the pictures in the morning, while the Sun is still in the East, there is not enough light to take a good picture of the room.

The Ceiling will be painted, but as for the end wall and sink backsplash area, Ma Carter, the Stoneware Artisan, has got big plans for a piece of art in the medium of tile. She has brought over little color swatches and samples of glaze finishes and things, and I have heard that a Mural-y, Mosaic-y depiction of an aerial landscape might be in store. I am not sure exactly what it will end up being, but I have not seen any of her artwork that has failed to impress me, so I know that whatever we get will be the kind of thing that makes visitors go "oooh!", and "aaaah!".

Kind of like our Hand-crafted, Four-poster Bed that Pa Carter made us for our wedding present. I take it for granted nowadays, but in the rare instance that we have visitors, that bed gets oooh'ed and aaah'ed over, every single time. The Posts on it are tree trunks about 4 - 5 inches in diameter, and still have the bark on them. I can't remember if it was intentionally themed after "Where The Wild Things Are" or not, but that is certainly the look it has.Speaking of "Where The Wild Things Are", there is a live-action film version coming out sometime next year. Maybe we can get some life-sized Monster cardboard cutouts from a local theater's promotional display, and do up our bedroom in a real "Wild Things" Theme.
<--These Wild Things...Not These-->

Speaking of movies coming out next year, What's the latest on The Dark Knight Movie? Well, I'm Glad you asked, because that is the next (and likely Final) post in today's Post-A-Palooza!

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Merrill Stewart said...

Frank, I still enjoy reading you blog everyday, and I want to thank you sinceraly(sp who cares see other blog post) for reading my blog. Believe it or not when life is completely different from EVERYTHING that you have ever known, hearing about the ups and downs of you two makes me smile.

Take Care