Monday, October 29, 2007


Did you miss me? Well, I Missed You! In the last 10 days many things have happened, and I have not shared them with you, my wonderful friends and readers.

We-ell... That's about to change! It is 9:10 AM Central Standard Time on October 29th, and Post-A-Palooza is officially ON!

I am going to try and catch TDBotD up to speed, however many posts it takes... Are you ready for a massive overdose of Info-cational Edu-tainment? I thought Not. Well you're getting it anyway! !

Warning: Pregnant women and those with Back, Neck or Brain Injuries, Yeah that's Right, Brain Injuries, are Strongly Encouraged to seek milder entertainment elsewhere. This might sting a little. And now... Post-A-Palooza Post #1!

I basically haven't posted since I went out of town for my Anniversary. How was it? Why Thanks For Asking!

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