Monday, October 29, 2007

So, How's That Drought Thing Working Out For You?

Not so good, but Thanks for Asking.

The Headline on the Fabulously unprofessional newspaper, The Cumberland View, this week was this:
State Tells Monteagle - Your On Your Own!

And yes, I know, it should have been "you're on your own", but proofreaders are for those folks who don't have enough courage in their convictions to pick a spelling and stick with it. I am not positive I got the headline exactly right, but the website wasn't any help. It hasn't been updated since September, and the "Past Issue Archives" haven't been updated since 2004. (A.D., I think)

Anyway, the meat of the article was very informative, which was basically to say that the State government will soon be cutting off our supply of water. Yep, you heard me right. Unlike Georgia and Alabama, where the Governors have declared State Emergencies, Tennessee's State Government has effectively told the cities "Tough it out, quit whining, and pull yourselves up by your bootstraps". Businesses here are expected to be forced to close in just a couple of weeks. I can only assume that a period of Martial Law will follow. (That last sentence was a joke. I hope. Unfortunately, the Sentence before it wasn't.)

The City of Orme, TN has attracted a bit of national coverage due to their rather dire situation. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution last Sunday featured on their front page a picture of the Mayor of Orme turning the municipal water source on for the city's allotted 3 hours of water a day! Their city well has run dry. 3 hours is about as long as it can run, before needing the other 21 hours to "recharge". The City of Orme is about 20 miles south from Sewanee, where I am currently sitting, and blogging.

(Update: I am currently sitting and blogging in Monteagle. After that last sentence, the power went out in the Library where I was working. I avoided going to the Airport because there might be distractions. So instead I went to Lorena's in Monteagle, where My Next-Door-Neighbor, Ted proved to be a monumental distraction. Sorry Ted, But it's true!)

I talked To Ted about My Recent Home Building Adventures, which Brings us to the next post: So How's That Home Remodel Coming?

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