Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Corection": Jeremy is not "Crank Calling" me!

Okay, I now officially receive communications through Google searches. After my last post about search engine wrong numbers (and Crank Calls!), I received this search:
"frank gibson thinks jeremy is doing this but he's wrong blog"
So it would appear I was in error in my last post, and also here. But if it's not Jeremy, then who could it be? The IP address is a valid San Diego address, so it is probably someone fairly close to my brother in Southern California. Maybe from the Valley, or Valencia. Whoever it may be, I certainly value their readership, and I will try valiantly to figure it out. Man, I am stressing over this, maybe I need a valium.

Whoever she is, she didn't leave her name, so I will probably never figure it out. I really did think it was my brother, Jeremy. For those of you who don't know my brother, I have included a picture of him. He's the guy on the left.

And in case everyone missed it again... yes, I know I misspelled correction. Missed it, didn't ya?


Frank Gibson said...

The "Help make Frank More Famouser" drive has already begun working. I have jumped a whole two pages closer to the front of the pack! I am now on page 21!

Valorie said...

It originally WAS Jeremy, then I did some.

Jeremy Gibson said...

Up to the top of page 11 today.