Thursday, September 13, 2007

Riddle: What's Half Grocery Store, Half Flea Market, and Half Treasure Hunt?

Answer: The 150% nifty Sharp Shopper grocery store in Cowan TN. It's one of the most unique shops I've ever seen, and I'm taking you with me through the magic of my newly accessorized, video-capable, camera phone.

But enough from me, I'll let you hear about it from... Me!
( audio's a bit quiet, make sure you have your speakers turned up.)

So with that spiffy Intro out of the way, let's head to Cowan TN, a case-study in charming little small-town. Situated right on highway 41A, Cowan was a Railway Depot back when coal mining was the Cumberland Plateau's biggest industry. Today Cowan is home to a Railroad Museum, and, of course...

After passing through downtown Cowan, but before reaching the store, I passed a place I have passed dozens, if not hundreds of times, but I thought, since I am sharing "The Local Color" with you readers, I should stop and snap a few pictures. And, what the hey, some video, too.

For the record, the plural of Emu is "emus" - remember that next time you are playing Scrabble.

A few miles further, and I was there.

The Sharp Shopper, home of "Bushels of Bargins"!
Here, again, I'll let Me do the talking.

So, what were we all waiting for? This post is already too huge to tell you, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow's installment of The Daily Blog of the Day!


Jeremy Gibson said...

Your cameraphone's "suthern' drawl" level is jacked way up.

bt said...

Emu's are so last year.

Frank Gibson said...

Hey Becky... Alpacas are cool, but with emus there is the added thrill of knowing they could peck out your eyes at a moments notice.

Hey Jeremy... Screw you, dude.