Saturday, August 25, 2007

Odds, Ends, and Assorted Miscellany

Assorted Miscellany
-for your consideration-
  • It Rained in Southeastern Tennessee Last night. YAY! I have a rain collection cistern that sits below my gutter. It has been completely empty for over a week. Last night it refilled, almost all the way to the top! There was thunder and lightning and a little wind, and the temperature fell down to the 70's for the first time in recent memory. I laid out on my front porch for about an hour in order to experience it better
  • Yes, Jeremy; frank gibson is going to be posting about this in his daily blog of the day.
  • I biked from the Airport all the way home this morning. Nearly 5 miles. A big step up from when I posted this only 27 days ago. I live in the freaking MOUNTAINS, people! They're STEEP!
  • I just sent a reader, who shared my love of The Princess Bride, my top ten most frequent spontaneously occurring Princess Bride quotes. Here they are, not in any particular order:
    • Fezzik: Anybody want a peanut?
    • Vizzini: Inconthievable!!
    • Montoya: You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means.
    • Montoya:I know something you don't know; I'm not left-handed!
    • Miracle Max: And you shouldn't go swimming for, what, an hour.. At least an hour!
    • Miracle Max's wife: LIAR!!
    • Westley: No... To the PAIN!
    • Westley(falling down slope): AAAS YOOU WIIISH!
    • Vizzini: Wait 'til I get going!
    • Miracle Max's wife: I'm not a witch, I'm your wife!
  • You can go here for more great quotes from the film.
  • My wife and I got new phones. They've got 1.3 Megapixels. That's 1.3 more Megapixels than my last phone had. It also has a video camera. Practically the same day I got the camera, Blogger added a Video Podcast mode. A lot of the people this blog is targeted at have either a really slow dial up connection, or are "teck-muh-lah jik-ly" challenged, so let me reassure you folks, that I will be primarily sticking to text-based communication, for the most part, but I might add a video once a week, if I can work out the technical aspect of things from my side.
  • Here's a test video, mostly of my dog Longjohn, with a brief cameo appearance by his "sister", Pepper (the Dalmatian) and his "foster sister" Jelly (the puppy). This is old video, and Jelly (along with her sister, Peanut Butter) has now gone on to find a "forever home" thanks to the Franklin County Humane Society

  • I am seriously considering adding advertisements to my blog. Google keeps taunting me with their little gizmo to put ads on my blog. I resisted at first, but I have room over in the sidebar, underneath all the old polls. So my question to you dear readers is: If I want to make a dollar or so extra a week by letting Google sell you stuff, does that make me a bad person?
  • My blog's traffic is increasing ever so incrementally. here is what my Traffic-tracker graph looks like as of this afternoon:
  • That Great big peak in the middle is from the day that my loving wife sent an email out to every professional, personal, and family contact in her entire address book with a link to my post about flying in an ultralight aircraft. If you take that big peak in the middle out, then it starts to look like steady progress. So, if you know someone who would appreciate one of my witty articles, then you can spam th... I mean, send them a link, so they can find my site with its incredibly long, redundant, hard to type name. Just click on the picture of the little envelope below the post you would like to share. Then add a little note saying "Hey, you should read this, Frank said all sorts of horrible nasty things about you!", or whatever other reason you could think of that they should want to read it.
  • Also, those of you who have Digg,, or Stumbleupon accounts, don't forget to give a "digg" or a bookmark or a "thumbs up" to your old pal Frank! You can use the little buttons at the bottom of each post to do it.
  • Thanks again to my loyal readers. Be sure and vote for Smurfette or Betty Boop before tomorrow morning, if you were going to - polls close after tonight. Oh, and I haven't gotten around to using the word Juxtaplode yet, so: JUXTAPLODE!
  • I will leave you with this question... What happens when you combine four kittens with a twelve pack of fully caffeinated Coca-Cola? This happens. (I am unsure of whether or not the kittens actually consumed all the drinks, but it sure would explain a lot. Enjoy!)

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Anonymous said...

hey Frank - you not talkin' to ME, is ya???dial-up accounts, PEBKAC errors, techno challenged, etc- -

Glad you can ride your bike 5 miles in the mountains! I'm impressed.

Mrs. Ludite