Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Out of Thin Air!

Just a while back, in my first post about Girl Singers, I mentioned that Yael Naim's song "New Soul" was featured in the Television Commercial for Apple's Macbook "Air". For those of you familiar with that commercial, I present the following video, which features the some song. (but quite a bit more of it!)

Mac Fans, you may now shake your heads in disapproval at your PC-using neighbors. (But not at Me, For I use linux, and am therefore cooler Than ALL of you! MWAH-Ha-Ha-HAAAH!)


Anonymous said...

MWA - HA -HAHAHAHAHHEEEE yo' self, oh Linuxhead!- I myself am just proud ta tell ya that I have configured my computer so that I actually CAN play the video! I thank ahm in luuuuuv


PS - love the song

Tim said...

A couple years ago I had a laptop running a dual boot WinXP/Fedora2. I gave up on the Fedora because I had a very small hard drive and it wasn't worth the effort at the time anyway. I just started using Ubuntu in January after resurrecting the old family desktop - wiped Windows and started over. I've grown quite fond of it, despite a couple of limitations with proprietary hardware (*coughcoughAPPLE!*), for which I use the iMac downstairs.

Tim said...

It's an app called gmail-notify; I think it's found in the "universe" repository, at least within Gutsy.

I haven't tried v8.04 yet...have you been using the release candidate? I'm curious, but kinda frightened of not-quite-stable versions, and bandwidth has been at a premium here lately anyway.