Monday, April 7, 2008

More Screenshotty Goodness!

WOW! Now I realize why all the linux-heads out there were always so insistent that linux rocked, and was stable, and awesome and easy, when I could clearly see that it was not particularly stable, or easy.

They knew what I didn't know; that with a bit (OK, a lot) of tweaking, a linux system really rocks! There is a pretty high bar set for entry even still, no matter what your local linux-head tells you about linux being "Ready for Prime Time", or "Ready for You and Grandma", but Hoo Boy!! The rewards for persistence are, to quote a well known Chubby Cartoon Dad, "Freakin' Sweet!"

Now I am blazing along, with a laptop computer that is considered so under-powered that it cost less than most USED laptops. I just noticed that I was sitting on the sofa at the airport, running (1..2..3..uh...) let's just say a "whole bunch" of programs ,on battery power, running a high-speed wireless connection, without any slowdown of anything at all! My Battery lasts a ridiculously long time, too, under normal conditions, and I can use my laptop as a portable, battery powered, "boom box" for literally hours, without needing to plug in.

Some people annoy you with pictures of their Kids/Grankids. Some people Annoy you with pictures of their Pets/Grandpets. I am going to annoy you (just this once) with more beautiful pictures of my pride+joy in action. As usual, Click to see the whole enchilada, full size.


Anonymous said...

Whoa there Linux -head- so glad you are making such great progress. I am pleased with my increasing knowledge of the computer age - not up to speed with teenagers yet, but. . .
I managed all kinds of fixes this week - so much easier with high speed. Blog on, bro


Art said...

Glad that's working out for you. My experience with linux confirms what you say. But I just don't want to mess with it that much at home.