Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Do: Vote. Don't: Litter.

A few thoughts for today.
Firstly, GO VOTE! If you, for whatever reason, feel like, after a full year or more of media coverage of these candidates, you are not informed enough to cast a responsible vote, then call or email me, and I will inform you. I would go vote for you if I could, but the lady at the polling place already told me I can't.
Secondly... I am really very happy for Mr. Manning and the rest of the Giants, but I am not "50 tons of confetti" happy for them. In the olden days, before E*trade and paperless offices, as local heroes were paraded down the streets of New York, businesses would throw the paper "tapes" from their pre-internet stock "tickers" down out of their high office windows onto the streets below, creating a nice spirally streamer effect as they trailed through the air to the ground. They called this a "ticker tape parade".
Nowadays, however, we have E*trade, and iPhones, and CNBC, and throwing paper on the street is called "littering".

1 comment:

Art said...

Hey Frank, I voted!

It really does amaze me that so many people do not...