Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Devil In A Blue, no... Red, no.. Black- Striped..No.. Green Dress!

This lady changes clothes faster than you can change channels!

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Quick Change Artists - The most amazing bloopers are here
As mentioned in my post on Competitive Magic, I was raised by Magicians. I have consequently seen enough tricks and illusions to make me probably one of the world's most skeptical cynics. There is an old standard of stage magic called "Metamorphosis", in which a Magician* locked away inside multiple layers of captivity, and his assistant** quickly, almost instantly, switch places. This trick frequently involves a quick-change as well, using techniques that are only moderately difficult to master, compared to the relative challenge of the rest of the escape.

But this lady blew me away! I lost count of the number of transformations she made! Even if you have some idea of how it was done, the flawless execution of it should still inspire some awe for a perfectly crafted performance. I am positive I do not want to know how much her chameleon wardrobe cost.

*Actually one of two magicians, although that's giving away part of the secret, and the posters rarely acknowledge that.

** The other magician, quite frequently even more talented than the one with his name on the poster in the big print.


Becky T. said...

the transformation from the green to the purple is absolutely freaking amazing...well the whole thing is fantastic. All I can say is wow.

Art said...

That really is amazing. A couple of those changes are just unbeleivable!

Art said...

And your post title inspired my Friday Five...

Liz said...

(But not a real green dress - that's cruel!)

That is frickin' awesome! When you said "quick change" I was thinking, like 30 seconds (y'know, like I had to do in Cast a Long Shadow...) but that... just wow...

Liz said...

This has nothing to do with quick changes, but is also a really cool America's Got Talent act. This guy is an AWESOME ventriloquist and is deffinately worth checking out:

( I hope these links work. If they don't, try looking up Terry Fator on You Tube.)