Thursday, February 14, 2008

SeaWorld Vacation Pictures on Flickr.

Have you ever wanted to bash your computer into little tiny pieces, set those pieces on fire, put out the fire by urinating on it, feed the charred, urine-soaked ashes to a rabid jackal, then light the jackal-poo on fire and fling it into the ocean, then invent a time machine so you can go back in time to join yourself in destroying it all over again?

That's kinda how I feel right now. I am in a library, so not only did I not bash my computer into bits, but I also refrained from unloading my fury in any other outward manifestation. But if Fist-and-Teeth clenching were an Olympic sport, I would be in contention for the gold medal right about now.

Besides, I don't even know where to find a Rabid Jackal at this time of the day.

I just uploaded 37 photos of my San Diego Vacation to Flickr, and spent at least 45 minutes (that I should have been sleeping) titling, filing, tagging, and describing them in my typically verbose fashion. I dislike looking through other people's pictures when they are all titled things like DSC234000005, DSC234000006, DSC234000007, Etc, And I try to put some effort into presentation if I am going to bother to post them on the web.

Then when I hit the "Save This Batch" Button at the end of this incredibly long labor of love, My 7 year old laptop got a bad case of Alzheimer's, forgot what it was doing, forgot it was a computer, forgot it was connected to the internet, briefly wondered what it was,if not a computer, and decided it was probably a 7-pound rectangular paving stone, and behaved accordingly. It froze up so solid, I couldn't even turn it off.

I couldn't bring myself to RE-title and RE-caption every picture, so...

Here's your stinking pictures! Sorry they aren't captioned or titled. I did RE-tag them, and I will make the attempt to further describe them some time soon, after I have cooled off a bit.

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SeaWorld Photos
Bahia Resort Photos
Mission Beach Photos

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