Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tagline Compendium 2007

About Me: I am not a Grandmother, and have no plans to become one.
TDBotD: The only Blog GUARANTEED not to make you hate orphans!

About me: I'm Not only the President of the "Frank is Awesome" club,
I'm also a member!
TDBotD: You'll never find a Blog that's Dailier!

TDBotD: Bringing a Smile to your Heart, a Frown to your Lungs, and a withering Glare to your Pancreas.
About Me: Imagine how awesome it would be if Thundercats were allowed to breed with Smurfs. Now double that. That's how awesome I am.

TDBotD: We Give 110%, About 75% Of The Time.
About Me: I messed With Texas!

TDBotD: Putting The "Blo" Back in "Blog"
About Me: My Thoughts are So Originable, I have to Inventivise Verbitudes that Don't Even Existify!

TDBotD: Often Masticated, Never Expectorated
About Me: I am Awesome, with a Capital "A"! (and a lowercase "wesome")

TDBotD: It's Magically Repetitious!
About Me: I write the blog that makes the whole world read.

TDBotD: Printed with Soy-Based Pixels on 100% Recycled Bandwidth.
About Me: My Kung Fu is Strong.

TDBotD: Isthay Ogblay Ontainscay Igpay Atinlay.
About Me: All My Base Are Belong To You.

TDBotD:Everything You Didn't NeedTo Know, All In One Place!
About Me: I was There with Those Guys That Time, When We did That Thing.

TDBotD:Can You Smell What The Blog is Cooking?
About Me: I Caught a Tiger By Its Tail once, And Put It In My Tank. It Was G-R-Reat!!

TDBotD: It Will Kill You So Bad, You Will Wish It Hadn't Killed You So Bad.
About Me: I could fly higher than an eagle, if you were the wind beneath my wings.

TDBotD: More Fun Than A Barrel Of Self Rising Flour!
About Me: I Received Three Purple Hearts. Not From The Military, From My Cat. I Also Received Some Bluish Lungs.

TDBotD: This Is A Great Blog (And So Can You!)
About Me: I Am The New Black.

TDBotD: The Blog That Almost Never Mentions The Word "Burrito"
About Me: I Can't Tell You How Terrific I Am, Because I Don't Know How To Spell "Terrific".

TDBotD: TheBlog That Dares To Taunt Happy Fun Ball.
About Me: If You Feel Like You're On Top Of The World, Then I Feel Like I'm On Top Of You.

TDBotD: One Blog To Rule Them All, And In The Darkness Bind Them.
About Me: I Hate Hyperbole Worse Than Anyone Could Ever Hate Anything In The Whole Universe, Ever!

TDBotD: Now In Stereophonic Surround Sound!
About Me: I Hate Pina Coladas. I Also Hate Getting Caught In The Rain. And Rupert Holmes, I Hate Him, Too.

TDBotD: Our Writer Would Be On Strike, But He's Self-Employed!
About Me:I Know What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Men.

TDBotD: By Clicking Below, You Are Acknowledging That You Think This Blog Is Awesome.
About Me: I'm Strong Enough For a Man, But pH-Balanced For Yo' Mama! Aw, Snap!!

TDBotD: If Superman Had A Blog, It Would Be Like This.
About Me:When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie, That Was Me, Not The Moon. I Hit Your Eye. With a Pizza. Sorry!

TDBotD: With Great Power, Comes A Great Power Bill.
About Me: My Love Is Like A Drug. Once You Get A Little Bit, You Gotta Have Some More. Plus, It Makes All Your Hair Fall Out and Rots Your Teeth.

TDBotD: WARNING: This Blog Was Produced In A Facility Which Also Processes Tree Nuts.
About Me: I Blinded Myself With Science.

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Anonymous said...

I love the TDBotD and tag lines - time to update!

BTW How do you like my tag line "Mommasee"?