Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thank Goodness They Finally Invented This!

The Coca Cola Corporation has Finally done something about their incredibly difficult-to-hold-on-to bottles. Those old bottles, you know, the ones that were always slipping out of your hand? Oh, the messes that used to cause! Spilled Coke everywhere!

I remember the old "Coke-Carry" relay races we used to have at our annual family reunion, right after the "Egg-In-The-Spoon"race. I remember I always used to drop the bottle, and I would have to go all the way back and start over. Uncle Jerry once carried a cold bottle of Coke over 30 Yards, without it slipping out of his hand once! But he did drop it when he tried to drink it, after the race was over! It went all over his pants!

Ahh, those were good times...

But alas, now with the creation of the new, easy to hold bottle, we will have to start using Pepsi, I guess.

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