Friday, November 2, 2007

November: A Time For Harvest

We had a frost (or two) a few days ago, and there is a pretty good nip in the air these days, so this morning I decided to bring in all the remaining Bell Peppers on my remaining Pepper plant.

I had already pulled one crop of peppers off of this plant (About five small-to-medium peppers), and, as I started cutting the fruit off, I was actually quite amazed at the haul. I pulled another Ten!

Last year was the first ever I tried my hand at vegetable gardening, but I started too late in the summer to have any results. This year's was my first successful garden.

I ended up with:
  • Uncountable hundreds of Roma Tomatoes (these plants will simply not die!)
  • About a dozen "German Red Strawberry" Tomatoes
  • Two pretty big Watermelons (next year I will try to remember to weigh them.)
  • Two Horrible Looking, Twisted, Greenish-Gray, Carrots
  • About half a dozen decorative "Jack-Be-Little" Pumpkins about the size of my fist. (I still have two of them that turned out really pretty.)
  • Three or four salads worth of Great Lakes Lettuce, Black-Seeded Simpson Lettuce, and Endive (which is correctly pronounced "On-Deeve", by the way.)
  • More Swiss Chard than I knew what to do with (I tried a pesto recipe, but it turned out terribly)
  • One Artichoke Plant that is still, amazingly enough, alive, even though it has no chance of surviving the winter to produce fruit next spring. There is a reason they grow these in California!
And now I can Add to the list, The (probably) Final Fruit of my garden, more than a dozen Bell Peppers! Here are the last eleven, fresh picked this morning!

Now, if I only liked Eating peppers!

Until Next Post,
Proud PlantDaddy, Frank Gibson, Signing Out!


Anonymous said...

Hey Plant/blog Daddy - good going with the peppers - wish I was there (mmmmmmmm! yummmmmm)

Liz said...

I love swiss chard! It's really easy to cook too - sautee it in a bit of olive oil with garlic. Good stuff : ) I am also very jealous of your artichoke plant. I'm suprised you had such a good garden, given how dry it's been this year.