Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Got Rolled!

My yard got "rolled" last night. Or "TP'd", for you Non-Tennesseans.

I couldn't sleep last night (I usually can't on Wednesdays, they are the nights I switch over from "Graveyard Shift" to "Dinnertime Shift"), so I got up at 12:30, restless and hungry, to go get some grub at the Waffle House. I never used to eat at the Waffle House, unless I couldn't help it, but since Tennessee passed the new law at the beginning of October that makes it illegal to smoke in, or within 25 feet of the entrance to, any restaurant, I have eaten there twice. I did this for two reasons.
  1. I can now stand to be in the Waffle House for more than three minutes
  2. I feel sorry for the employees there since the government drove away 75% of their chain-smoker clientèle. No customers equals no tips. Thanks a ton, state government, for taking tips away from poor Waffle Waitresses. (The irony of the situation is, those waitresses are just going to spend those tips on cigarettes.)
***Start Rant***
I don't smoke, I don't like being around smoke, and I just pretty much hate cigarettes all together. But you know what I do like? Freedom. Over-protective, nanny-state, invasive, and freedom-restricting laws get on my nerves. And don't even get me STARTED about seatbelts!
***End Rant***

So anyway, I get up to go get some Waffle House chow, and as I step out of my back door I smellsulfur. It only takes me a second to remember that this is Halloween, and rotten eggs smell like sulfur. I quickly check my car. All clean. I walk around to the front yard and see toilet paper hanging from the large tree on the corner.

I have four extremely large, centuries-old, trees in my yard, and a vandal with a case of Angel Soft could cause a real headache for me that would be nigh impossible to clean up. But as I walked around the corner, I saw that the papering was limited to one side of the one tree closest to the road. Whoever it was that got me did a mighty poor job of it.

They seemed to have done a much better job on my neighbors' house, though. My neighbor, Tina, is a Halloween Baby, so her yard decoration was also a birthday present of sorts, I suppose. But it looks like whoever did her house got mine on their way out with the leftover rolls, and might not have even gotten out of the car to do it.

Oh well, All clear 'til next year, I suppose. I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween, and here's wishing you a pleasant All Saint's Day, too!


Valorie said...

I, for one, approve of banning smoking from restaurants. If I wanted smoke to make its way to my lungs, I'd start smoking. If I wanted to smell the disgustingness, I'd start smoking...

or go sniff Jeremy's clothes.

Anyway, like I said, I support the ban on smoking in restaurants. They have that same ban in San Diego, and it's nice. What I don't support, however, is banning smoking areas in public places that are outdoors. And smoking in your home. Seriously, they are attempting that in El Cajon, a city near us. That's ridiculous. Don't tell people what to do in their own home.

Becky T. said...

Ooo...don't forget the ever popular WRAPPED. Apparently, that's what people in Texas call it...They look at me bemused when I say ROLLED...