Friday, November 16, 2007

People With ADHD Should Not Be... Oh, Look, A Cloud!

In order to be the best blogger I can be, I subscribe to a steady stream of news sources and have several "News Alerts" that let me know when topics I care about hit the news.

My Hometown made the Chattanooga News when 2 of our previous civil servants got mugshotted and booked on various felonies. That's kind of a story, but not really the sort of thing that I would blog about. But while at the News Channel 9 website, another story, flagged as "Most Commented" caught my eye. The story was that of a ADHD-afficted (or perhaps afflicting?) student who was forced, by his mean teacher, to sit in a closet, away from the other students.

I was forced to sit away from the other students a lot when I was a kid. Out in the hall to do make-up work when I hadn't done homework, right up by the teacher's desk as punishment for something I honestly can't remember (probably being disruptive/talking to classmates), in the classroom during recess, finishing something unfinished.... I never had to sit in an actual closet, but it wouldn't have surprised me.

Anyway, the story itself was far less interesting than the comment-stream beneath it, which was kicked off by a person identified only by his/her (undoubtedly proud) hometown of Chickamauga, GA.

"Chickamauga" had this to say about the story. And I Quote:
i think that teachers need to be ask differnt kinds of questions hooked to a lie detecive machine this kind of stuf makes me want to take my kids out of school and home school them thay are to many teachers that are acting stuiped thay all need their back ground check very closely thay are hireing anybody it looks like stop killing beating and abuseing kids thay are gods kids we are here to take care of them and love them not to be mean to them teach them right from wrong not kill them or abuse them becouse the ones that do this are not going up but down and quit sexely abuseing them stop this thay did not ask to be born

End Quote. Approximately 120 words, 14 mispelled (5 of which were the word "Thay"). Not one capital letter, not one punctuation mark.

Not to mention she* rails against 3 or 4 things completely unrelated to the article. It was about a kid being made to sit by himself. Last time I checked that was called a "Time Out". Nobody in this story was"killing","beating" or, least of all, "sexely abuseing" anybody!

(*I know it could be a man behind the keyboard, but I just have a very firm image in my head of the voice that is shrieking these words**, and it is a woman's. Sorry if that seems misogynistic, but in my mind, "Chickamauga, GA" is a woman. And she sounds like Ms. Crabtree, the bus driver from South Park.) (** And yes, you can have an "image" of a voice. Or at least I can.)

The next person to comment, someone with the Nom de Web of "Poor Boy", picked up on the frightening reference to this person Home Schooling her kids, and had this to say.
Please, for the sake of your child, do not homeschool if your spelling is that horrible.
Pretty sharp cookie, that "Poor Boy" is. Quick on the uptake, y'know?

Well, That would have been a pretty funny story if it ended right there, but Wait! There's More! Chickamauga (or just "Chick" for short) came back to (utterly fail to) defend her previous post!

In a rare "Double Shot" of Idiocy, She makes the claim that she can, in fact, spell, and that her previous post was not up to her ordinary standards of commenting excellence; and she does so in a post that is just as bad as the previous one!

And I Quote:
comment from poor kids my spelling is not bad my kids walked in the door thay just got home and i was typing fast to finsh and i did not look over it becouse when my kids get home i give them 100percent of me and for the other people that are taken up for the teacher well i guess yall need one of them stupid signs teachers should know how to deal with kids like that and being that mean is not how to fix any thing i had a stepson that had it but you got to take nice to them and dont be mean to them if you treat them mean and yell at them it dont get any better if you do that god is not finsh with them and remember thay are gods kids
End Quote.

So, If you are in Chickamauga, GA in about 10 years, getting some fast food, and guy behind the counter, the one trying to get the french-fry machine to work by banging on it really hard, seems to be completely incapable of making coherent English Sentences, you'll know that "Chickamauga" went through with it, and gave her kids the best education that she knew how to give.

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