Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All I Really Want For Christmas...

OK, it's not ALL I really want for Christmas, but it is all I can reasonably expect to receive for Christmas. And it may not even be that reasonable!

I want to go see my brother in San Diego. And I am going to. However, going to (and staying in) San Diego is expensive. So, if you were going to get me anything for Christmas (and I just know you were, you devil!), then give me money to help me go to Sunny Southern California in January.

Flight and Hotel (a nice one, on the beach!) are gonna run me about $400.

So, Mom, Dad, Anna: Please, No Ceramic Roosters, Bobble-Head Dalmatians, or Frilly Duck-Adorned Mailboxes. Not even an iPod Touch, a Blu-ray Player, or a Plasma TV. Just Cold, Hard CA$H this Christmas, so that I can spend my Birthday with my kid brother over in his perpetually warm and sunny new home.

Here's a Picture of Me and My Bro from the last (and only) time I visited him:

Oh yeah, We totally rode that coaster. Rode the crap out of it, dude.

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