Sunday, November 4, 2007

Panthers In The Woods - Part 1

This afternoon Becca and I were driving to Chattanooga with one of her regular customers, an aerial photographer, when the topic of conversation somehow came around to bobcats and panthers.

Our passenger related the tale of the time, as a child, he stumbled upon a black panther in the woods. He said that, not long ago, he spoke to someone who still lives in that same area whose husband had recently sighted a black panther there.

Then tonight, right before work, I was awakened by the sound of a helicopter flying very slowly, very low, very nearby. My mind raced to visions of escaped psychotic killers on the loose in my neighborhood. Well, after I got to work (leaving my wife all alone in the house, without me to protect her from the almost certainly brutal axe-murderer), I found out what all the manhunt action was about. Every emergency responder in three counties were combing the forest in search of a lost baby. Or a child. Or possibly a woman. Or maybe a Gigantic Evil Panther.

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