Monday, November 5, 2007

Panthers In The Woods - Part 2

This is a continuation of Panthers In The Woods - Part 1. Clicky the linky to read them in the right order.

A steady stream of 911 responders filtered through the Convenience store ('cuz we give uniformed officers free coffee), and I was able to piece together the following story.
Apparently some folks over in "The Assembly", a local gated community full of mostly summer homes, heard a baby crying off in the woods somewhere, out in the cold. So they called 911. After searching for quite a while with men, dogs, and helicopters for the source of the crying, they found, no baby, but several large cat prints. For those of you who have not ever heard a Bobcat before, it sounds almost exactly like a wailing human. The hunt was called off, and the cat was blamed for the crying, but according to one of the EMTs back from the scene, the cat-tracks were described as those of a panther. What are the odds of 2 panther-in-the-woods stories in 1 day?

*Random side note: Every time I type "panther", my phone thinks I'm trying to type "panties". What an embarrassing mix-up that could have led to! People looking for panties on the internet will now be directed to my site for no good reason. Oh well, good thing I didn't slip up and leave it on the previous post, or people looking for "Evil Baby Panties" would have found it, and I don't want those types reading my blog.

....oops. Oh well, people looking for "Evil Baby Panthers" will already be coming, so I might as well leave it.

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