Sunday, November 4, 2007

These Glasses Work On Everything!

This is a follow-up to the post "A Chance For Redemption". Clicky the linky if you want to read them in order.

The movie was awesome! The glasses worked so well at the theater that I decided to wear them all the way home! And you know what? The whole drive back was in 3D! The other cars looked just like they were coming right at me! Until I got back on the right side of the street, that is.


Jeremy Gibson said...

Me and V just saw that too, which you probably already know. But I also got a pair of those at Siggraph this summer so now I have 3 pair sitting around the apartment.

So, when worn all at once... I should be able to see 9-D

Addams Family was picked over TNBC ?? Did I vote for Addams Family? Man I hope not.

Frank Gibson said...

No, I didn't know you saw it. I guess I will be reading that info in a couple of minutes.

I don't know which movie you voted for, but the group was Me, You, Anna, Amanda, and Christy and Darren Parsons, AKA The Morrison UMC Youth group. I blame Darren. and Amanda.

Good luck seeing in 9-D. Make sure to stop if you see the insides of your eyeballs.

Jeremy Gibson said...

Well you should know, you commented on her blog about it (The one with the "Disney Vault" cartoon)

You can remember every person in a group and the two movies up for nomination from some night 14 years ago.
But not an eight-day-old blog.

Frank Gibson said...

That was about going to the TNBC version of The Haunted Mansion, not about seeing the movie...

wasn't it? [okay, I just checked. yeh, it was about the movie.]

Look, just because I commented, doesn't mean I read it!