Thursday, November 1, 2007

Signs Of The Times.

In TDBotD's continuing coverage of the drought conditions in Monteagle, I thought I would share with you the take some of the local businesses and other public institutions have on the situation.

At the local haircuttery, "The Mane Attraction", the same style emporium that brought us the now famous Mullet Removal sign, their marquee is currently this...
Sorry about the picture quality, the light in their sign was off. Maybe they are into saving energy, too.

Just a block or so down the street, at the town's only liquor store, the sign says...

And almost across the street from the liquor store, the local Church of Christ's marquee reads...

SO... If you want to help out with the current water situation you can do one of the following things:
  • Get A Haircut And Go To Church
  • Get a Haircut and Get Drunk
However the following option is not recommended.
  • Get Drunk and Go To Church
At least not at the Church of Christ. They frown on that, I hear. The Episcopalian church is about 4 miles down the road.

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