Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You know whose anniversary is the day after mine?

Pete Weber's!

I know this because he read my post about MY anniversary (after the google blogsearch engine sniffed out his name in it), and sent me an email! How cool is that?

Frank –

Glad to read you celebrated your wedding anniversary with Terry and me from San Jose – sorry about the result. The next day (21st) was my wedding anniversary!
All the best,

Pete Weber

Technically speaking, that game was so late at night that it actually was his anniversary in most of the U.S. by the time it was done. Having to work on your anniversary is a bummer. Although having to go to work watching a hockey game is not so bad, I guess. Unless your team loses terribly, continuing a losing streak, which is what happened.

Well, I am going to go join my buddy Pete again, in a little more than an hour to watch (or possibly only listen to) the Preds take on the Calgary Flames. So far this season I have missed every game that we won, so I would like to break my losing streak as a spectator.


Jeremy Gibson said...


I once saw him in the Arena walking from the media room back to his broadcast booth with two large beers in hand. I assume they were both for Terry.

Valorie said...

Pete Weber Googles himself.

Hey! Hey Pete! Hey, Pete Weber. You fricken' rule, man!! Hi, Pete.

Approve this, Frank.