Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Thoughts on "Dailiness"

Starting Today, I am adopting a new posting schedule... Whenever I Freakin' Feel Like it!

I Started this Blog as part of a one-month resolution to write something every day. That was in July. I have (with a few exceptions) posted something every day since for 3-1/2 months. Now it is time to try something different.

I am a Big Fan of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" (Although I did NOT name my blog after it, I swear!) I recently realized that the Daily Show is only broadcast 4 nights a week! And, come to think of it, Nightly, not Daily! Well, if they can cheat on their "Dailiness", then so can I.

So, you are not going to see so much of me on Sunday and Monday (the days I have been most beating myself up to get a post out) , however, you might see MORE of my thoughts on the other Five Days of the week. I have actually skipped over several interesting bits of Info-cational edu-tainment that might have otherwise been brought to your attention because they did not fit in with the thread of the day's single post. I have been stretching myself to post EVERY day, and simultaneously limiting myself by (mostly) posting only once per day.

This has led to what could be good, easily circulated posts about one topic being diluted with other info (usually about my personal life, which let's face it, the general public doesn't care that much about) on unrelated topics.

So... Hopefully this will lead to a shift in Quality versus Quantity. Hopefully Quantity will not decrease as much as quality will increase, but if it does, I'm OK with it. If you, my readers hate the new schedule with a hot, fiery, purple passion, then just let me know. I strongly feel that this will be a change for the better, but if I turn out to be wrong, I am counting on "youse guys" to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Gotta Run, See you... when I See you!

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