Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Beyond the Shadow of a Drought...

Late Tuesday Night, October 16th: Remember way back when I posted about it actually raining here in Tennessee? Well, it is now raining again. I hope it keeps it up, we need it.

UPDATE - Thursday, October 18th: It is keeping it up, It has rained again this Morning. Thunderstorms dumped, if the forecasters I heard were right, about 1/4 of an inch of rain on us. We are seventeen inches below average, though, so we need... wait a minute while I calculate... 67 more thunderstorms of the same strength to bring us back to normal.

Yesterday, My Fair City made the Morning Radio Headlines due to the fact that our municipality is now MOWING the GRASS on the bottom of the lake which is our city's primary source of water. Our little Podunk Town is small potatoes, though, compared to the really frightening drought-related news.

Atlanta Georgia, the 15th largest city in the United States, and home to, according to the most current Atlas I could find, over 8.8 million people, has an estimated 3 month supply of water left in their municipal reservoir. In completely unrelated news, next month will mark the second anniversary of the Georgia Aquarium's grand opening.

According to their website, the Georgia Aquarium is home to "more animals than any other aquarium in more than eight million gallons of water."[emphasis mine] That is almost one gallon of precious, life sustaining, water for every person in the city. Unfortunately 6.3 million gallons of this are salt water, thanks to the addition of nearly 2 million pounds of sea salt.

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