Thursday, October 18, 2007

See You In December!

Finally, some more movement in the The Dark Knight Viral Marketing campaign. I caught everyone up to date on what I knew back in August, but since then the "See You In December" threat has loomed over the legions of Geekdom without explanation. See what in December? What are we gonna see in December? Is it gonna be cool? Will I Be able to see it? Will it hurt? WHAT, WHAT WILL WE SEE IN DECEMBER!!!

Turns out, a Seven Minute-Long preview will (sorry, not will... might) be released in December.


I am So THERE!

I had heard that this movie was being partially shot in IMAX, and let the news roll over me. I love me some IMAX, but the only Theatres are pretty far away, and expensive, and.. yadda yadda yadda... I had resigned myself that I would probably see the flick in a normal, mortal, multiplex screen...

But now, I get to see seven uninterrupted minutes of Batman/Joker Goodness Half a Year Early, AND in beautiful, full Framed IMAX Splendor? OH, JOY!

The Batman Super-Preview is expected to show along with other (far less buzzed about) hero film I am Legend, which stars Will Smith in the tile role alongside Charlize Theron. I don't know anything else about I am Legend except that I am going to see it, and I am going to see it in IMAX. In December!

So there will be a scene from the movie shown in IMAX theaters in December along with Will Smith's Perennial Holiday Action Blockbuster. OK, is there anymore info you can give, Frank? What will we see? Do we get to see the Joker? The Batmobile? Two-Face, Maybe?

Well 4 scenes were shot with IMAX cameras for this film. Obviously, the scene would be one of them. And of course, you probably won't be seeing the dramatic climax of the film, so probably an early scene, something designed to set the stage, whet the appetite. A.. "Prologue", so to speak...

This is directly from the IMAX press release about TDK (The Dark Knight)....
The first of the scenes, including a prologue that introduces Batman's arch-nemesis The Joker, was shot in April, several weeks in advance of the actual start of principal photography. Additional selected scenes are being filmed with IMAX cameras during the course of production on "The Dark Knight."
So, They shot the prologue earlier than the rest of the movie, eh? Possibly because they planned to release it earlier than the rest of the film? I think it is a safe bet that this is the scene that you will be able to see in December. Here is a picture, released along with the IMAX press release, from the filming of that scene. For a larger version, and another Imax Shot, follow this link.

Everything about this is couched in rumor and hearsay. The possibility of the 7 minute preview
was first released/leaked/invented? on the Portuguese-language Site Omelete. Those wanting to verify the original source of the rumor had better know Portuguese. Of cours Viral marketing is all about creating mystery and rumor, and these guys have done masterfully.

So will we have to wait 'til December to find out anything more about the Caped Crusader? Possibly not. Halloween plans might be in store too, because the whysoserious site has changed again. I will keep you posted, until then....

See you in..October?

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