Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Playing Catch Up

Hi, Guys, did you miss me?

A variety of factors have conspired to keep my blog posts from appearing in this space. The weekend was occupied with hard labor in the Drywall Mines, and I found it very difficult to recuperate, both mentally and physically, over the 48 hours following. Verizon's network was down on Sunday night/Monday morning, and when I posted something on Monday night/Tuesday morning, The folks at "Mobile Blogger" chopped off nearly all the text, so all you got were the pictures.

So, to catch you up on Frank's life (for them that cares), I will impart to you the following Info:
  • My Worm Bin is now Two trays high, and tray two is inhabited by lots of BABY worms! (they look like maggots, only they have a red blood vessel in their middle that makes them look pink-and-white striped)
  • Marbles has made a few prolonged appearances at the house, although she and Toot still haven't shown the slightest inclination to get along.
  • Speaking of Toot, her miserable appearance when she first showed up was not due solely to her weight and coat. She has been eating Science Diet's "Sensitive Stomach" Highly Digestible cat food for weeks now, and has gained more weight, and a sheen to her coat as well. She looks, when resting, like a fairly normal, healthy, but small, cat. But when she moves, she moves like she either has Arthritis or some musculo-skeletal disease. She has some tiny "tics" from time to time, little twitches and spasms that indicate that not all is well with our little black Halloween decoration.
  • Saturday was NOT a repeat performance of Friday's wonderful night at work. I made far less than half of Friday's haul on Saturday.
  • This Weekend is my 6th wedding Anniversary It's the "Candy" anniversary (or "Iron", for some reason.). I think my in-laws will be over to my house being "home-renovation fairies" while I go see the Tennessee Aquarium and Tracy Smith at the Comedy Catch in Chattanooga.
So, that's all the news that's fit to print... 'Til next time, gentle readers, Shalom!


Valorie said...

Has the doctor checked to see if she has arthritis? I think that calls for x-rays.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Toot probably has had major trauma (like being hit by a car) that may have amputated her tail at the same time. That kind of trauma can instigate arthritis at a later time. She is definitely stiff. She lucked out finding you guys to care for her.

Drywall fairy aka mommasee