Friday, August 3, 2007

Search Engine "Wrong Numbers" for Late July

Welcome Once again to The Daily Blog of the Day's "Search Engine Wrong Numbers".

The real winner lately has been My Post on Competitive Drinking; The following searches all connected people to my site.
  1. "wisest wizard drinking game" (2 searches)
  2. "wizard staff drinking game" (2 searches)
  3. "wizard staff beer" (1 search)
I also added The Daily Blog of the Day to , (if you don't have it, go get it) and have had a few hits that way. One person looked for "Dogfighting" and got my post on doggies, another got my main page by looking up "Analysis" which was a rather pompous keyword I added to my site. If you are already a stumbler, don't forget to click the "I like it" button while you are looking at my pages, and maybe even add a review saying how awesome TDBotD is!

A Sad "Wrong Number" - Some poor person, probably seeking help with his spouse's internet addiction, did a search for "Blog Addicted Wife" which pulled up the misleadingly titled site, "My Wife Left Me", in which I mentioned that I was "Addicted" to the Dresden Files novels. He spent another four minutes reading various other posts, before searching the site (something I didn't know you could do) for "Blog Addicted Partner". He left after getting this page. How sad.

In other Keyword News, I was visited by one person each searching for "Ari Shaffir", "Vincent D'onofrio" and "Whysoserious".

A day after I invented the word, I was visited by someone looking for "Testosteriffic"!

The weirdest one was the guy who was looking for "Van Halen Method Blogspot" I Googled it myself to see what he was probably looking for, and found nothing of note. Who knows what that was about?

I almost didn't mention it but I also had someone find me using Google's Blogsearch site with the keywords "Movie Review". I had a hard time believing that I would be close to the top of any list of movie review blogs, so I went over to and did my own "Movie review" Search. As I expected, I wasn't in the first page of results. So I tried "Haiku Movie Review". That would pop me right up, wouldn't it? I was fourth on the list! There were SEVERAL other sites doing the same thing as me, including one called Review in Haiku, which despite myself, I rather like! As a matter of fact, I just suscribed.

You try so hard to do something original.... Oh well.... Until next time, Blogophiles, Good Day!

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MG Siegler said...

Glad you like my Review In Haiku site Frank. Glad to have your reading!