Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Search Engine Wrong Numbers for Early August

Well Boys and girls out there in Cyberspace, It's time to check the Great Big Internet Answering Machine to see who has drunk-dialed the little patch of cyberspace we call home.

The most-visited post from the last two weeks was by far my Re-post about the SleepyBear Room at the Knoxville Travelodge. This post was viewed more than any other, because it got linked to from the Site, where a guy named Jack Lail is paid good money to, among other things, search the Blogosphere for anybody blogging about the Fair City of Knoxville. If you write about any building within 15 miles of Neyland Stadium, The Knoxville News-Sentinel wants to know about it. So every week or so, Mr. Lail, the Multimedia Managing Editor for the News-Sentinel, compiles a list of links to the various blog posts he has found mentioning Knoxville.

I made that list last week, and the morning after I put that piece on the interweb, it had been viewed more than any other post on my site. By "it had been viewed more", I mean that its own page, on which it appears alone, had been viewed more. If you visit my "Front Page", you can read the last week's worth of posts by simply scrolling down. This is the way most of my readers view my blog, and I intentionally chose to "syndicate" the full text of each of my posts rather than a snippet, so that my readers don't have to click back and forth all the time.

But if you want to view the post all by itself, along with any comments people may have made, click on the article's title. If you don't click on the title, then even though you read the post, you haven't affected the official reader count, according to my traffic tracker. Consequently, the reader count tends to reflect articles hat have been linked to from outside of the site, either through e-mail links, or in this case a link from the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

Anyway, 27 people followed that link from Knoxnews, making it my "most popular" page literally overnight. My next most popular was part one of my two-part post about Clowns and the Creative Promotion of the upcoming Batman movie. This one was looked for by 5 people, using
  • "whysoserious"
  • "i believe in harvey dent"
  • "dark knight rent-a-clown viral campaign"
  • "i believe in harvey dent, find secret message"
That one doesn't really count as a wrong number, sense people using those search terms probably found what they were after. At least I hope they did. Anyway, I won't count them as wrong numbers but the next few definitely were.

  • One person got to my page by searching for the terms "Papa Johns Pizza". I am relatively sure he wasn't looking for this page, but I hope he learned something while he was there.
  • One person found me by Googling "children play trombone". I am likewise sure she wasn't looking for my post on Magic Tricks and CCG's.
Other popular terms that found my page were likely Wrong Numbers, but were too vague to be interesting. "elijah wood" (spelled two different ways), and "vincent d'onofrio"(spelled three different ways) were among the keywords, as well as "movie reviews" .

Well, that's all for today...

P.S. - The Greatest Cartoon of All Time "Toonament" should be ready to go tomorrow, after days of research, and grueling decision-making. I hope everyone enjoys it.

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