Sunday, August 26, 2007

Things I've Done

  1. Been an Award Winning Magician
  2. Won a Spelling Bee
  3. Bungee Jumped
  4. Met the Philly Phanatic (and a dozen other baseball and hockey Mascots)
  5. Flown in an Ultralight Aircraft
  6. Stood on the edge of a hang gliding ramp
  7. Driven from Nashville, Tennessee to Grand Forks, North Dakota in 23 hours
  8. Had a Job Selling Guns
  9. Fired a Shotgun
  10. Fired a Handgun
  11. Flown in a Hot Air Balloon
  12. Sat "On The Glass" at a Nashville Predators Game
  13. Worked For The Nashville Predators
  14. Gone Squirrel Hunting (never actually saw a squirrel)
  15. Caught a Bass
  16. Ridden in a Speedboat
  17. Partied on a Houseboat
  18. Been in a "Rollover" car accident while driving (not seatbelted)
  19. Been in a "Rollover" car accident while my brother drove (seatbelted)
  20. Wrecked a Motorscooter
  21. Been in the back of an ambulance (twice)
  22. Been in a coma (twice)
  23. Been knocked unconcious due to a head injury (twice)
  24. Been rescued from near-drowning (twice)
  25. Been bitten on the face by a guard dog (only once!)
  26. Been in the Dome of the U.S. Capitol Building
  27. Been to Bourbon Street
  28. Been to the St. Louis Arch
  29. Been to Hollywood
  30. Been To Alcatraz
  31. Been To the Muir Redwood Forest
  32. Been camping in the Smoky Mountains for a week
  33. Been a Boy Scout
  34. Been a Professional Actor
  35. Eaten a watermelon I grew myself
  36. Built my own computer from parts
  37. Danced with the devil in the pale moonlight
  38. Okay, that last one one was a joke just to see if you were still reading
  39. Been in an elevator with Vince Gill and Amy Grant
  40. Been shot across a hockey rink by a giant slingshot in front of thousands of people
  41. Watched from above as "Gnash" rappelled out of the Nashville Arena's rafters
  42. Been to an Olympic-Level target-shooting tournament
  43. Sat at the WSMV Channel 4 News Anchor Desk
  44. Been Fired For throwing A Sprite Bottle
  45. Received a Below-Zero grade on a school project in 4th Grade. (negative 7, I think)
  46. Ran Away From Kindergarten
  47. Been next in line to be strip searched by my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Lyle
  48. Sat in the place where "We Shall Overcome" was written.
  49. Unwittingly driven a Little Old Lady to her crack dealer, and then back to her hotel
  50. Helped Castrate a Horse


Jeremy Gibson said...

"Been shot across a hockey rink by a giant slingshot in front of thousands of people"

I do not remember hearing of this one.

Frank Gibson said...

Yep, I was a last minute stand-in for some local celebrity that didn't show up to be the "Human Hockey Puck". It was supposed to be Dave Ramsey, I think. Or Davis Nolan, or Bill Hall or somebody. So they grabbed me and shot me instead. It was paractically the only time I was ever on-ice during a game. (I didn't make it into the goal, By the way)

Valorie said...

Man, that's cool. I want to be on NHL ice. I was once in a dream, and Jeremy got jealous (in the dream).

Frank Gibson said...

Hehe... Yeah, I was a very very lucky dude to land that gig.

I got to do all that awesome stuff, AND get paid for it!