Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Borrowed a Broken Bike from Becky B!

Holy CRAP, I am out of shape!

I just biked a whopping mile and a half, and my butt hurts and my legs don't feel like they will ever work again.

I am not really a very fitness-conscious person, but I am very fuel-efficiency conscious. My brief experiment with motorized two-wheeled transport last winter led to three days in the hospital and a compound distal humeral fracture. (that means "I busted my elbow really, really bad") So now that I am recuperated, I thought I would try pedal-powered transport.

My friend Becky... No, not you, Becky, the other Becky. No, not that one... Well One of my friends named Becky lent/gave me her bike, which had been sitting neglected under her deck for ...A couple of years? I took it to the Bike shop in the next town over to get it fixed up, and now I am riding in style on a 21-speed, front-and-rear suspension, Mountain Bike!

But Sweet Mother of Minivan! Riding a bike is a lot more exercise-y than I remember!
In college, I took a cycling class, and as our final project we had to make the 50-mile trek from Murfreesboro to Bell Buckle and back. That trip is the only time I ever visited historic downtown Bell Buckle, and I still associate the whole town with the Ice-cold bottle of RC cola I got there after biking 25 miles.

The thought of even doing five miles now on that.. that... that EXERCISE machine puts a chill in my heart. Good thing my house is only 8/10 of a mile from work. We'll start there, and work our way up to the 50 mile trips, I guess.

----------(somewhat) Daily Haiku of the (almost every) Day--------
I like to Save Gas
I also Like other Things;
Like an Unhurt Butt!


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Becky T. said...

I maintain that we are quietly taking over the world...