Monday, July 2, 2007


One of my major pet peeves in life is when people in the Media start complaining about "The Media". You hear this all the time on "Crossfire"-style shows on the 24-hour news networks, on daytime talk shows like "The View", and very, very frequently on political and religious Talk Radio. "The Media never mentions this", they say, and then go on to let you know about the thing on their medium that none of the media ever let you know about.

Grammar Nazi Time: media is a plural. It refers to more than one medium. So the sentence "Public Radio is one of the best mass mediums for your advertising dollar"(actually used in an NPR spot) is Wrong, but the sentence, "I wanted to buy some shirts, but they were all out of larges and smalls, and all they had left were media" is grammatically accurate. (Though stupid)

So, Media is a plural, and "The Media" is not the name of a giant monster out to promote a liberal, secular, corporate, white, feminist, Christian or any other agenda. The Media refers to (or Should refer to) the Entire Collection of informational outlets available to the average person. Including "The View", And "Focus on the Family", and "The Rush Limbaugh Show", and "The Tomorrow Show", and Chuck Harder, and Al Sharpton, and Bill O'Reilly, and Hannity, and Colmes, and Michael Moore, and Anne Coulter, and Billy Graham, and The Daily Blog of the Day!

So when these Pundits say "The Media won't ever tell you about (insert thing they just told you about)", it is a self-contradictory statement. The Media will tell you about anything. You know who won't tell you about anything? Themedia, the Goddess of Misinformation, who has the form of a giant monster out to promote a liberal, secular, corporate, white, feminist, Christian agenda.

But of course, Themedia doesn't want you to know that.

Media Pundits
Are as Dumb as you and me.
Some are Dumber Still.

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Eva said...

Don't forget about "Themedea," who will give you updates on that little ticker at the bottom of the screen as she poisons your fiancee and her dad and then stabs your kids.