Monday, July 2, 2007

Special Update - How To Subscribe

With moving comes difficulty...

My old Blog at MySpace was easy to subscribe to. Go to my profile, click "Subscribe to this Blog", and whenever I posted something, you would get an e-mail informing you that I had posted something.

When I post something to this Blog, you get no e-mail, and, come on, are you going to just remember to come to this website everyday just to see if my new post is up yet? Probably not.

You can subscribe to this blog in a number of ways. I have Firefox (Version 2), and these are the options I see:

If you have a Google account, you can make your Homepage, and get The Daily Blog of the Day delivered to you that way. Just go WAaay down to the bottom of the page, and click the little link that says "subscribe to: Posts (Atom)". If you have Firefox 2 (and you should!) then you will be immediately greeted with an offer at the top of the page to "subscribe to this page using LiveBookmarks" if you are a bookmark-user, then go ahead and select that. If you want the Google option, though then use the little "down" arrow next to the word "LiveBookmarks" and you should have the options of "Google", "MyYahoo", something called "Bloglines" ,which I know nothing about, or if you are feeling really froggy you can choose your own external application from your own computer, but if you are savvy enough to do that, then you don't need this post.

Another option is, if you would like to be notified of when I post new stuff, send me an email to , and I will put together a list of people who want an alert e-mail sent to them once my post for the day is up.

And Like the Label on the Jar of Mayonnaise Said, "Keep Cool, But Don't Freeze"
Frank Out.

If you have a Yahoo homepage at , then the same deal applies.

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Elizabeth said...

Woo! Somewhere else for me to have to keep up with people! : D