Monday, July 30, 2007

Special Update: Taking Off

Holy WOW!

I just went and looked at the traffic for this site, and it has taken off like a.. Like a flying trike!
  • Last Monday - 14 visitors "hit" the site 23 times.
  • Tuesday ----- 11 visitors "hit" the site 15 times. (and I didn't even post that day!)
  • Wednesday -- 11 visitors "hit" the site 16 times.
  • Thursday ---- 9 visitors "hit" the site 13 times.
  • Friday ------- 20 visitors "hit" the site 24 times.
  • Saturday ---- 16 visitors "hit" the site 18 times.
  • Sunday ------ 13 visitors "hit" the site 17 times.
  • Today (So Far) 63 visitors have "hit" the site 110 times!
(late update: the total count for yesterday was 78 visitors and 128 "hits")

So this special update is to extend a hearty "Welcome!" to all you new readers who found this site through Becca's e-mail link; I hope you come back and check out the blog on a recurring basis.

Also, I am proud to note that the The Australian Marsupial Which Must Not Be Named has finally taken the bait, and checked up on me to make sure that I do not sully the good name of the Kan.... ooh, almost said it! Maybe I should just refer to the company I work for as Voldemort.

Nah.. that name is jinxed too! Besides, who wants to go to work every day for Voldemort? That would be just too depressing.

Anyway, that company looked me up again, and specifically looked at the posts that mentioned them. I guess they must pop in a couple of times a month. They didn't use a search engine to find me this time, though, so I must be on their reading list.

Also, if you are the person who checks in on TDBotD from a computer that is in some way affiliated with the MacMillan/McGraw-Hill School Publishing Company, please leave a comment, or drop me an email to let me know who you are. And Welcome Back, by the way. (I sure hope I didn't just get you in trouble with your boss.)

Also... (this "Special Update" is getting kinda' long!) I will be "taking off" this week for Dallas/Ft. Worth, Tejas (that's Texas, for you gringoes!) to attend The wedding of my wife's cousin Dale. I am going to try to have some article-length posts cooked up ahead of time, so that you will not be left without the Edu-tainment you crave,but even if I don't get that accomplished, I will still be Mobile Blogging from the road, one cell-phone text message at a time


Jeremy Gibson said...

McGraw-Hill owns KGTV Channel 10 of San Diego. Our internets go through their pipes, which should show up as originating from Hightstown, New Joisey.
Even though I'm three time zones away from the garbage state..... I mean... garden state.

I check you at work because... well the alternative is, ya know.... working.

Frank Gibson said...

Darnit! I thought I had two fans... Turns out I have one fan with two internets! Darnit!

Anonymous said...

Who would want to work for Voldemort...after all "Voldy is Moldy".