Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm watching you...

After leaving the note about how your comments are the only way I know you are reading, I thought to myself... "Self, (cause that's what I call myself) is there no way at to look at how many people are visiting your site?"

Well, with just a little setup, there is. But it isn't anything built in to, it comes from , where I signed up for the free web-tracker gizmo that lets me see who is seeing my stuff. It has yielded some interesting surprises already. Not only have I deduced that my friends (Yeah, you, Chesman!) and Family (Yeah, You too Jeremy!) have been to visit, but other visits that I can't pinpoint the source of.

It takes a little Internet Detective work to find out who is visiting, because I only get a rough geographic location and some connection data, but it has been fun trying to sort out, because I had a lot of spare time last night. One of the coolest (and scariest) visits came from The Pantry, Inc., who were interested in my post about my job at The Pantry.

Apparently they track any mention of their name anywhere on the internet, all the time. I suppose this is either an effort to sniff out Libel from disgruntled employees, or to monitor investor "whispers", either of which can affect stock prices, if left unchecked. Anyway, now that I have mentioned The Pantry (twice) in this post, I am waiting to see how long it takes their web search robot to find it. Oh, yeah, and I might also have to include the word "Kangaroo" for it to work, so... Kangaroo.
------ Daily Haiku of the Day™ -------
I know who visits,
Even if they Don't Comment.
I'm Just Like Santa.


But what I don't Know is... who voted for Moe? I mean Seriously, Moe? Obviously Themedia underestimated Moe's chances in this race. He could be a dark-horse, come-from-behind candidate.

1 comment:

Kangaroo said...

I voted for Moe.
Deal with it.
I am a Kangaroo.


The Pantry, and Kangaroo.
Pantry Kangaroo Kangaroo? Pantry. Yes, Kangaroo.