Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Ridiculously Wide World of "Sports"

Jerry Yang, a 39-Year old psychologist, just won the Jackpot at the World Series of Poker. Who says a psychology degree doesn't pay? Seriously, an academic pursuit of psychology should be considered illegal performance-enhancing knowledge in this "Sport", shouldn't it?

Other Factoids about the world's newest Poker Champeen are: Mr Yang Grew up poor in Laos. (Much love to my Laotian Friends out there!) He fled to the Vietnamese village of Bao Trinh (follow this link to find out why he was fleeing), and from there to Canada. He will be donating a chunk of his Muliti-million dollar winnings to charities all over the world, and personally going back to his village in Vietnam to give back to the community that took him in as a youth.

The page from which I found out about Mr. Yang was peppered with comments at the bottom of the page (Unlike some daily blogs of the day that I could name), and many of the comments were about how Poker shouldn't be covered as a "Sport" by ESPN because, in the commenters' opinion, it isn't one.

That's just Crazy Talk, that is! Of course poker is a sport. If sitting in a boat, waiting to inflict needless pain on a fish is a sport, and sitting in a tree, waiting to kill a majestic woodland creature is a sport, and wearing silly clothing on a Golf Course is a sport, then why isn't sitting around a table holding cards and looking constipated? Maybe it is because you need specialized equipment to engage in Hunting and Fishing and Golf (the more expensive the better) , and Poker can't be a sport, because you can't show off to your neighbors your new 700 dollar Specially Reinforced Card-Holding Glove and Titanium/Carbon-Fiber Chip Rake!

And you can't say that it's because Poker is an indoor activity, because then there goes Hockey, Basketball, and quite a bit of Baseball too.

So, some people are against Poker being on ESPN. I am sure I don't want to hear what they think about My Favorite ESPN event, the Scripps-Howard Nashonal Speling Beee. As a Spelling Bee Champion, this event has a special place in my heart. (That sound you hear is my own horn tooting, just ignore it, it will go away.) Even I can't beleive that that one made it on the most Testosteriffic Channel on Cable (by the way, I just made up the word Testosteriffic™, in case you wanted to know.)

Anyway, as I have mentioned before, I don't have cable, but I do know that in addition to ESPN there is ESPN2, as well as a channel that I find completely ludicrous called "ESPN Classic", which lets you watch games that already happened, from seasons which are already over. Well, I say let's add another ESPN for the brand new, cutting edge quasi-sports. In addition to Spelling Bees, let's throw in Air Guitar, Crossword Puzzle Competitions, Halo Tournaments, Robot Wars, and the Speed Text Messaging Finals.

Well, as they say - If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself. Since ESPN probably won't add all of these, I will have to cover them here on "The Daily Blog of the Day's Ridiculously Wide World of Sports" or "TDBotD'sRWWoS" for short... You know that isn't actually very short, come to think of it....

How About DSPN, then? The Daily (blog of the day) Sports Programming Network.

I'll be picking some really obscure "sports" to cover occasionally, and bringing my findings to you, my readers. (All six of you. Four, if you don't count me and my wife. Sigh.)

--------- The Daily Haiku of the Day ™ --------
Whatever you Try
To be the Very Best At
Sounds like Sport to Me

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