Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Wife Left Me

My Wife left me this morning. I slept on the couch last night, and my wife informed me early this morning that she was getting on a plane, and not coming back. Until tomorrow, that is. She is flying a couple of teenage girls to Savannah, GA on a Charter Flight, and flying them back tomorrow. So she gets to stroll around alone through beautiful, historic, Savannah while I entertain myself at home by seeing how loud I can Belch.

I slept on the couch because I am addicted to the "Dresden Files" books by Jim Butcher, and I needed a lighted room so that I could continue reading well into the night last night. I fell asleep reading, and was still there this morning.

So I actually for the first time in several days have an evening off, and I get to spend it all alone.

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Frank's Wife said...

I ate at the "Pirate's House" for lunch. It was a good country buffet with a strolling Jack Sparrow imitator. Oh yeah, it was in a really old building or something.

Jeremy "Brother" Gibson said...

I read your blogs out loud to deaf people.