Sunday, June 24, 2007


Here are some questions you may be asking yourself right now, and their answers.

Who is this Guy?

My name is Frank Gibson, and I am a 29 year-old, white, college dropout. I was raised by Magicians. I have had nearly 20 different jobs, and nearly as many siblings (if you count deceased, living, adopted, biological, and foster siblings). I have been happily married for 6 years, and a homeowner for 3 (my house officially turns 100 this year), I currently have 2 dogs, and 4 cats (5 as of September), and no kids. I am a bit of a nerd in a variety of ways, and I currently work as a part-time waiter at a pizza restaurant and as a part-time clerk at a gas station, which is exactly where Mr. Pennington, my 5th grade Math teacher, told me I would end up if I didn't get my act together. I didn't ever get my act together, and it turns out he was totally right.

What is your Political Affiliation/Religious Affiliation/Favorite Sexual Position?

You will not find that out from my blog. I am not going to talk about Sex, Politics, or Religion in this blog. Not outright, anyway. I post under my own, real name, and my family members make up a significant portion of my readership as of this writing. It will have to suffice for me to say that I do attend a church, I do vote, and I am married. What my deep innermost feelings are about my religion, my political party, or my wife will not be aired here. I am here to make you laugh, mostly. It is hard enough to get anybody to read this stuff without saying things guaranteed to piss half of you off.

Did you know your blog's title is redundant/hard to type/really freaking long?

Yes. I did. Just bookmark it, and you'll only have to type it once.

How come you stopped doing the Haiku of the day?

Because I found out everyone else was doing it. Including at least one other guy who was doing haiku movie reviews.

How do I leave a Comment?

  • Excellent Question! I love comments, as they prove that people are not merely loading my posts, they are actually READING them! To comment on any of my posts from the main page, simply click the little tiny word "Comments" below the post you want to comment on. It is right next to the little envelope picture.
  • If you clicked on the post's title from the main page, then scroll down to below the existing comments (or to below the words "0 Comments", if there aren't any), and click the words "Post a Comment".
You may post anonymously, if you don't want the hassle of having to Sign up or Log In (and come on, who needs hassle?) but remember, if you post "Anonymously" then that means "I don't know who you are" - if you want me to know, then put your name on the end of the comment, if ya' don't mind.

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Danielle said...

Hi Frank,

Thanks for starting my day off with some laughs. And for pointing me toward Cake's B-Sides!

Okay, I've bookmarked TDBotD and am looking forward to future posts!