Friday, June 29, 2007

The Eternal Question

I have mentioned how I plan to lay off from politics and/or religion in this blog. You may be asking yourself, "Self, (because that's what you call your self) what does that leave him to talk about? Aren't pretty much all the major, big, muy importante questions of life either political or religious in nature? Well my friends and beloved readers, the answer to your query is a resounding "No", for the biggest question of them all, one that has plagued humanity for all time is neither religious or political in nature (unless you want to make it that way, just to prove me wrong). No the question, the Eternal, Burning question is this....

Which is the better Superpower--- Flight, or Invisibility?

Which Brings us to the Daily Haiku of the Day:

If I were Bird-Winged,
I'd Have The Power of Flight,
But Shirts Would not Fit.

There is no one correct answer, of course. You have to ask your doctor which Superpower is right for you. Be sure to tell your doctor if you have any other Superpowers, or other pre-existing conditions such as Mutantism, Precognition, Or Kryptonite Allergies.

I think it breaks down mostly along Indoor/Outdoor lines. Flight doesn't do you much good in a indoors, close quarters scenario. However if your Special Talent is turning invisible, you aren't able to rush to the rescue if bad stuff is happening to people on top of collapsing bridges, or high up in burning buildings.

So Flight is the obvious answer for people who really haven't given the question too much thought. Flight is a better Spur-of-the-moment power for those pesky situations that pop up.
But If you want to really make a career out of your Superpower, Invisibility is the way to go. You have to plan things better, you can't just react, like you can with flight, but For the discriminating Nerd who has really thought it out, Invisibility is surely the way to go.


Chesman said...

I choose the 3rd, less talked about option, super speed. I just don't think things move fast enough in this world therefore I will use my super speed to help them along.

Frank Gibson said...

Aha, super speed. It can sort of be used in the place of either one of the others. Either move so fast you lift off, or move so fast you can't be seen. I always thought it kindof a joke when Superman and the Flash were side by side, like in the justice league. It's like "Hey, Superman, I have exactly 1/6 of your powers (depending on how you count), and I have a whole comic book of my own!" It just Emphasised how insanely overpowered Supe was.