Thursday, July 3, 2008

Reboot (to the Head)

Well, Blogfans....

It was a year ago Yesterday that this Adventure in Bloggetry began. Since then the only thing that has been consistent has been my inconsistency.

In the last year my blog has featured a Daily-Haiku-a-Day, Weekly Movie Reviews, The ill-fated "Toonament", Introspective naval-gazing, Obsession with my own statistics, Not-quite-political commentary, Polls, Late-night Monologue-style jokes, Charity news, a diary of my personal conversion to Ubuntu Linux and loads of Nerdy Superhero stuff that most of you don't care about. All of these features, like a toddler's new Birthday Presents, were interesting for a little while, then discarded. (I did, however, enjoy playing with the box they came in. And the wrapping paper was prett... Oooh, Ribbons!!)

I am tempted to call it quits, say it's been a mostly good year, and just wrap it up, but I just saw The Incredible Hulk, and it was really good, so I won't.

Let Me Explain...

"The Incredible Hulk" was what they are calling nowadays a "Reboot". A not-quite-sequel that uses the same characters in a non-sequential story, often played by different actors. These stories can be one-offs, or the start of a new series. The latest James Bond movie, "Casino Royale", and Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" are good examples of this concept. Those two are also both Prequels, going back to the characters' origin stories, unlike "The Incredible Hulk".

Anyway, Ol' Mean-and-Green's latest cinematic adventure got me thinking about "Reboots", and I figure if anything needs a Reboot-to-the-head, it is my stale, unused and unloved blog.

I am enjoying Cartooning. I might one day be good at it. Over at FG Cartoons, I am committed to A Cartoon Every Sunday Morning.

Here, though... From This Point On... I hereby solemnly promise... Not to make any promises.

You, my readers, are my friends and family. (Those terms not being mutually exclusive.) If I am thinking about something interesting (while able to access the Internet) that I want to share, this is where I will share it. If I don't have anything to say, I will not beat myself up over not posting. I am still interested in environmental issues, fun computer stuff, superhero-y goodness, charities, movies, books, and whatnot, so I will probably keep posting on those sorts of things, but I make no promises. If I want to start blogging exclusively about Barbershop Quartet Singing, Then By Golly That's What I'll Do.

So If I am making no promises, then what about the name? "Daily" is kind of a promise, ain't it? Well, you got me there. So I am renaming it. To what? I don't know yet. Any suggestions?


AnnaA said...

"The Blog of Convenience", "The whenever I'm near a computer and feel like it Blog". The whatever tickles me fancy blog"

Anonymous said...

I was gonna say something like "The Whever the Heck I Feel Like it Blog" but I like your new title better ; )

When I started my LiveJournal, I was gonna post regularly, but that has fallen by the wayside (so much so that it's rare I do 2 posts a month now, unless I'm just really ticked about something). This also happened to my long-ago plan of "I will write something in my diary every day!" yeah... your freshman year of college is not the time to start a writing commitment...